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In today's article, we take a look at the topic of "brand protection campaigns" on Amazon. We'll look at why brand protection campaigns belong in almost every ad account, which campaign types can be used here and, of course, take a look at a few examples.

But let's start with the question of what brand protection campaigns actually are.

As the name suggests, brand protection campaigns are about protecting your own brand by explicitly displaying ads when people search for your brand name.

We are particularly familiar with Google Ads when it comes to displaying your own brand terms in search queries. Here, a potential customer searches for the brand name on Google and a Google Ads text ad appears that leads to your own website. 

This is to ensure that no competitor can redirect visitors to their website and thus gain new customers. It is therefore, as the name "brand protection" suggests, a protective mechanism.

Particularly with similar-sounding brand names and similar products and services, customers can be deliberately lost if no brand protection campaigns are integrated into the campaign mix.

Let's take a look at an example of a successful brand protection campaign below.

When searching for the brand term "Holzrichter Berlin", we can see that all visible advertising slots on the first search results page have been covered by Holzrichter Berlin.

First of all, we see the sponsored brand ads, which contain three products in different price categories as well as a headline and the button to the brand store.

Four sponsored product ads for different products of the brand appear below. The total display of all possible ads that are shown "above the fold" not only means that no competitor appears here, but also that the customer is presented with the widest possible selection of products. 

brand protection campaign

In addition to the sponsored brand ad and the sponsored product ads, we also see the use of sponsored brand video ads in this example.

This again ensures that no competitor secures this advertising slot. This advertising space can also be used to additionally advertise a specific product in order to increase visibility.

As we have seen in this good example, there are basically 2 campaign types and 3 ad formats on search results pages that can be used for the brand protection campaign.

  1. Sponsored brand campaign
  2. Sponsored Product Campaign
  3. Sponsored brand video campaign

In a brand protection campaign on Amazon, you should try to place all available and visible ad placements with your own ads.

Brand protection campaigns on Amazon - product detail pages

In addition to brand protection measures on the search results page, we can also place advertisements on product detail pages. Brand protection measures on product detail pages are not so easy to display. It is also very difficult to transfer all advertisements to a product detail page because there are so many placements. 

For this reason, we will only look at a few examples. First of all, we should ask ourselves what type of campaign generally comes into question here.

Sponsored product, sponsored brand and sponsored display ads can be used for brand protection measures on your own product detail page.

Sponsored product ads on product detail pages

An important placement for SPA on product detail pages are the Carrousel widgets, which usually display 7 products (desktop view). 

Fire protection

Sponsored product ads can be defined using the product targeting function so that they cover an entire brand or specific ASINs can be defined on which the ads are displayed.

Sponsored brand ads on product detail pages:

Sponsored Brand campaigns can and are also displayed on product detail pages. However, this happens very irregularly, without any real knowledge of when Sponsored Brand ads are displayed on product detail pages and when they are not. As a result, sponsored brand ads are not displayed on all product detail pages.

An example is shown below. Three brands are displayed here, each with their SBA. A click on the ad always leads to the respective brand store of the brand. Sponsored brand videos are not displayed on detail pages. 


Self-service campaigns

Sponsored display ads 

The usual and well-known advertising format for being displayed on product detail pages are sponsored display ads. These are available to any seller with a registered brand and are displayed both on Amazon and on other platforms.

Targeted display on product detail pages is still possible without any problems (targeting: products).

The placements on the detail page are very versatile:

Top banner - display ad (Amazon top strip)

Top display

Amazon product detail page center

Advertisements brand protection

Amazon product detail page on the right (below the BuyBux)

Display ads

These are just 3 of a total of 10 different placements of display ads, which are shown both on and off Amazon.

Conclusion: Amazon brand protection campaigns

Brand protection campaigns are not a fundamentally new topic, especially with Google Ads this is a well-known means of directing potential customers to the desired web presence.

However, the idea of brand protection campaigns is not widespread in the day-to-day management of customers and advertising accounts. Own brand terms and placements are sometimes completely neglected or only rudimentarily included in existing campaigns.  

In addition to the protective effect of brand protection measures, they also send a signal to potential customers. A brand is perceived much more professionally if it also masters and uses its own brand terms.

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Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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