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Amazon sellers are forced to spend a lot of time designing and creating promotional campaigns for multiple products in their portfolios. Various Amazon tools have found their way onto the marketplace to help sellers combat their problems with advertising campaigns, particularly bid posting. One tool I've been looking at more closely recently is BidX. The aim of the tool is to support sellers so that they can focus on their core business, while BidX increases the profitability of advertising campaigns.

Advertising on Amazon can get a little overwhelming if you're overwhelmed. The BidX tool attempts to alleviate these problems for Amazon sellers, vendors and agencies. Using cutting-edge machine learning technology, tools like BidX automate bids for Amazon PPC campaignsso that the salesperson does not have to constantly adjust their strategy manually every day.

BidX keeps the ads of its users visible and helps to keep sales constantly at a profitable level. Sellers can gain a lot by using Amazon tools like BidX. The company also offers private consultations and regular calls to update advertising strategies, budgets and campaigns.

In this experience report, I'll tell you what the tool can do, how much it costs and whether I think it's worth it.

bidx experienceWhat is BidX?

Amazon sellers spend a lot of time trying to outdo their competitors. The digital competition for the best spots and most clicks may not be everyone's cup of tea, but as a seller there's no getting around it. BidX is an Amazon tool for sellers, vendors and agencies that uses AI-supported algorithms to independently determine the optimal bids for PPC campaigns.

The technology used by BidX utilizes a series of machine learning technologies that manipulate bids and keywords. The seller no longer has to spend hours creating individual bids for each advertised product. In fact, the tool adjusts bids based on the success of a specific campaign. The tool even identifies unused keywords that might be suitable for your product. The bottom line is that BidX can not only take work off your hands, but also optimize campaigns.

You can create the following types of ads with the BidX tool:

- Sponsored Product Ads (SPA)

- Sponsored Brands (SB)

- Sponsored Display Ads (SD)

- Kindle Display Ads

experience with bidx

BidX is therefore a useful tool for anyone who wants to sell more effectively and boost growth on Amazon.

Advantages and disadvantages


Advantages Disadvantages
Fast creation of campaigns Extended features cost extra
Automation of keyword research Optimization for sponsored brand ads not available in the starter version
Automation of bids  
Usable for sellers and vendors  
Flat learning curve  
Affordable price  
A long history of bids  


Most important features of the BidX tool

BidX is full of little surprises that make it a great tool for advertising on Amazon. In addition to the automatic bidding and keyword function, the tool also offers a 1-click setting function that cuts hours off the ad creation process. You can set up dozens of ads with similar commands - all with one click.

The tool offers a visual analysis of important metrics. The seller can see how their ads are performing and create appropriate guidelines to steer the ad campaigns in the right direction. BidX also offers managed services.

If you sell on different marketplaces, BidX automatically changes the currency. This way, you as a seller are not confused by multiple currencies. Functions like this take even more work off your hands. In addition to optimizing bids, saving time is the big advantage of the tool.

The Rule Logs feature on the BidX tool allows sellers to track adjustments to bids and keywords. It saves changes for 60 days. Sellers can also undo actions within a set period of time by using the Undo Rule Logs feature.

BidX also supports the evaluation of campaigns via the KPI Total ACoS - a parameter that determines the ratio of advertising costs to sales. This key figure is automatically available for every BidX customer and can be included in campaign management.


The BidX tool is offered to sellers in three categories.

The Starter model is inexpensive at 89 EUR per month with monthly advertising costs of up to 5000 EUR. This model offers automatic bid and keyword adjustments. Sellers can also use the 1-click setup function in the Starter model.

The price for the Advanced subscription is EUR 149 per month with a monthly spending limit of EUR 10,000 per month. In addition to the features available in the Starter model, the Advanced model also offers Sponsored Brand Optimization.

The Professional subscription starts at EUR 249 per month. The monthly ad spend is capped at EUR 15,000. This model has all the benefits of the Advanced subscription, with 1-to-1 onboarding as the icing on the cake.

Vendors and agencies sometimes need to spend even more on advertising campaigns. There is a separate subscription for this, which can be extended up to EUR 1 million in advertising costs. There are also managed solutions where BidX takes care of all the settings for your campaigns. This service is available for EUR 2500.

My experience with BidX

BidX is an incredibly helpful tool. I would lose several hours every day just to manage Amazon campaigns manually. In addition, I can see in black and white how the automatic bid adjustment has a positive impact on KPIs in the BidX dashboard, which is quite clear. Compared to other tools with similar functions, BidX is also relatively inexpensive. I only find the price a little high for really high marketing expenditure. In general, however, I can recommend BidX.

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Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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