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Many people shop on Amazon these days. Unlike in brick-and-mortar stores, however, they cannot try on or touch the products beforehand. In order to get as accurate a picture as possible of the items on offer, customers rely on product descriptions and images.

Another way in which sellers can sell their goods present vividlyare so-called Amazon product videos. These are part of video marketing and can attract potential customers in an entertaining way.

How you too can use this marketing tool for yourself and what a professional product video in the following article with our tips.

Why are product videos on Amazon important?

The Internet is full of offers these days, so it is sometimes very difficult to successfully stand out from the competition. Nevertheless, videos can be used to reach a broader target group, as not all users will be prepared to read a long product description from start to finish and look through all the pictures.

At best, a video can achieve in a short time what text and images can only achieve if customers take a lot of time.

What specific advantages do product videos offer?

The biggest advantage of product videos is that most people can relate to them. For example, there are users who do not like reading, especially long and dry texts that describe a product in detail. It is therefore not uncommon for them to search specifically for descriptive mediaThey can use these to make a product more accessible and in as little time as possible. Further advantages of product videos are

  • Holding attention: Short videos that convey their message in an entertaining way are particularly popular with many users. The good thing is that after watching a good video, they are often tempted to buy the product in question.
  • Amazon Listing Optimization (or ALO)This is the most important process for increasing the visibility of your product on Amazon. Well-produced product videos can be a key component of this.
  • Professional look: With a professional video, you or your brand will make a good impression on potential customers. In many cases, they will rightly assume that you are a professional seller who sells great products on Amazon and invests in your brand.
  • Tell a story: An appealing product video can not only show your product from all angles, but also tell a story at the same time. It is important that it shows the user why they absolutely need the product. They must therefore be able to identify with the people acting in the video and, ideally, see themselves in it.

What are Amazon's guidelines for videos?

On Amazon you can Different types of product videos integrate. These also differ in terms of the applicable guidelines.

What are the requirements for Amazon product videos? (important these are not the requirements for sponsored brand videos)

In order to integrate a product video on Amazon, it must meet various requirements:

  • Brand registration: You have already successfully registered your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Format: Your video is in .mp4 or .mov format.
  • Resolution: The resolution of your video is 450p to 1,080p.
  • Size: The video has a maximum size of 5 GB.
  • Length: The product video is at least 60 seconds and a maximum of 60 minutes long.
  • Compliant with the rules: The Amazon Community Guidelines were adhered to (on to read).

Amazon product videos

What types of videos are there?

As already mentioned, there are various types of videos available that can be integrated on Amazon. You should decide, for example, depending on the type of product on offer.

Product videos that organically into the Amazon content:

  • Gallery Video: These videos are integrated into the image gallery on the product detail page (PDP). This is the most visible organic placement for a video on Amazon. A total of up to ten videos can be uploaded per product.
  • A+ Premium Video: The module with which videos can be added to A+ Premium Content on the PDP is called "Full Video with optional Text". As a rule, vendors have a total of seven such modules available, but other options can also be negotiated with Amazon.

Product videos for the Use in some advertising formats:

  • Amazon Video Ad: Video ads on the Amazon website, as well as in mobile apps and on the activation screen of the Fire tablet, reach Amazon customers in a targeted manner. These videos must not have call-to-action elements or black borders on the sides.
  • Sponsored Brands Video Ad: The ads consist of the brand logo, a headline and the product to be advertised. The ads are targeted at keywords and can be billed on a cost-per-click basis. Customers are forwarded directly from the search results page on Amazon to the relevant PDP. Amazon trademarks and customer reviews are not permitted.
  • Amazon DSP Video Ad: With the Amazon Demand Side Platform, also known as ADSP, ads can be placed on Amazon, but also on other websites. Instead of a classic JPG or PNG file, animations can also be added to the dynamic e-commerce ads in the ADSP. For example, GIFs can be used, which must be kept as short as possible (2 to 3 seconds).

Where can product videos be integrated?

Product videos can be integrated in various places on Amazon. Examples of this:

  • as the last product image in an Amazon listing
  • in Premium A+ content
  • in the Amazon Brand Store
  • as a sponsored brand video ad

How long should a product video on Amazon be?

The perfect length for a product video on Amazon is largely dependent on the Type of product to be presented. In most cases 30 secondsas you can already pick up all the important information within this time window.

For products that can only be described with the help of a lot of information, a product video from 45 seconds. A maximum of one product video for Amazon 60 minutes long and only in the case of products that require a great deal of explanation.

The reason for this is that it may not be possible to hold users' attention for as long. If they tend to switch off as a result, this is not an advantage.

How to upload a product video to Amazon

If your product video meets all the necessary requirements already listed, you can upload it to Amazon simply upload. To do this, you must go to Seller Central under "Stock" and click on "Upload and manage videos" click.

During the upload process, you will be asked to enter a Meaningful headline with a maximum of 60 characters and the ASINs under which the video is to be displayed. The thumbnail is automatically generated by Amazon, but you can also upload it with a single click if you wish.

Afterwards, only one Release This must be carried out by Amazon and can take up to 7 working days. As a rule, however, it is already in the first two days made.

How to create professional product videos

In order for a product video to achieve the desired success, its creation should be approached professionally.

In any case, remember that your product at the center of the video must stand out. Distracting elements and long films with actors are usually not even necessary, but in the worst case can contribute to your video coming across as too promotional. However, many customers could be put off by this aspect in particular.

Also build Speaker text and Text overlays and if necessary Subtitle into your video. This is particularly useful if you want to explain your product. It is important that the text is easy to understand and matches the passages shown in the video.

Another important point: the Stay true to your own brand. It is usually well received if you use the own logo and the brand colors and thus create a recognition value. For example, you can create an intro for the video that includes the logo, brand colors, your claim or even your jingle. For text panels and infographics, you should also use your brand and your brand colors. Styleguide remain faithful.

At best, your video will be completed by a Direct call to actionalso Call-to-action called. Customers should feel addressed by this prompt and encouraged in their decision to buy. The CTA can be woven directly into the voiceover text or subtitles.

Depending on which platforms you want to make your video available on, you should in several formats create. Landscape format and portrait format or a square format are suitable for this. Even before the actual filming takes place, you should think about the formats in which your video will need to be output later. Common formats are 16:9 (landscape format) and 9:15 (portrait format). This corresponds to either 1080 × 1920 pixels or 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Finally, it should be said that a professionally shot product video quite short should be. A video is not automatically good because it contains a lot of information and is long. It is much more memorable for the customer if it gets to the point quickly and combines all the important product features.

What equipment is necessary?

Depending on how elaborate the product film is to be, different equipment is required for the shoot. However, even with a small budget you can Well-functioning basic equipment and create your first professional product videos. The standard equipment includes the following things:

  • Green screen: It is essential that a video not only shows people and/or products in the foreground, but of course also the background. However, it is important that it neither distracts users too much from the actual action nor presents unsightly things, such as an untidy desk or stained wallpaper. Ideally, you should get yourself a green screen that you can use as a background during filming. Later, you can project all kinds of things and images onto it, such as a PPT (not too text-heavy) or a photo that matches the product.
  • Lighting: With the lighting, you need to be able to compensate for either too little or too much light when shooting. Studio lights, which you can combine with softboxes, are best suited for this. Softboxes allow you to control how much light is available. This is also the best way to avoid shadows and glare.
  • Microphone and sound recording: Several good microphones should be used to compensate for the acoustics on location. Also bear in mind that background noise such as wind, noise from the street and office noise can have a negative impact on the sound quality of the video. First and foremost, it is important to record the audio track using a separate recording device rather than the camera. The problem with the latter is that it often generates static noise on the audio tracks.
  • Camera tripod: A camera tripod is essential for professional video recording. This ensures that the camera is always in the same position and the image is not blurred. It can also prevent blurred shots. A tripod is ideal for this purpose.
  • Camera: The quality of the product video is primarily determined by the choice of camera used to record it. Nowadays, many smartphones are already suitable for this. However, if you want to shoot in an environment with poor lighting conditions, you need a camera that can compensate for this.

In addition to these items of basic equipment, you can purchase additional items as required:

  • various lenses
  • Memory cards with plenty of storage space
  • High-quality video editing program
  • Laptop or PC with sufficient power for video editing
  • Teleprompter for reading a lot of text
  • Multiple sockets and extension cables for the power supply
  • Props for the shoot such as whiteboard, flipcharts, pointer, pens and other objects

Editing professional product videos

The work steps that lead to the Post-processing of video recordings are classified under the term Post Production summarized. Post-production is carried out digitally and includes both editing and adding sound to the image recordings. Optimizing colors or adjusting lighting conditions are also important steps that take place during post-production.

Which software is suitable?

To be able to edit a professional product video, you must have a Software that is suitable for this. Depending on your requirements, there are already free tools on. For more elaborate productions, however, you should look for programs that offer more options.

These programs are currently considered the best when it comes to video editing:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  2. Final Cut Pro X
  3. DaVinci Resolve
  4. Sony Vegas Pro
  5. Edius X

What does a professional Amazon product video cost?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to how much you need to invest for a high-quality Amazon product video. However, most product videos can be produced within a range of 500 to 2000 Euro be realized if they 15 to 30 seconds are long. The best thing to do is to talk to a specialized Amazon Agencyto receive a quote.

Of course, it also depends on the technology used and whether you hire voice actors and actors or take care of everything yourself instead.

FAQ about Amazon product videos

Would you like to start a product video for Amazon, but still have unanswered questions? In this section, we answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

How can I download videos from Amazon?

If you want to download a video from Amazon, you need either a Fire tablet or the Prime Video app for iOS, Android, macOS or Windows 10.

To download Prime Video titles, simply open the Prime app on your device and search for the title you want to download. In the Prime Video app for Android and Windows 10, you can select a storage location for downloaded titles.

What is Amazon PPC advertising (pay-per-click)?

With Amazon PPC is an advertising platform. Sellers can use it to create ad campaigns and thus control their sales figures on Amazon. Advertisers pay a fee to Amazon when a buyer clicks on their ads.

Amazon product videos: Which file types are allowed?

The MOV and MP4 file formats are currently accepted for product videos on Amazon.

Conclusion: Why are professional product videos essential for success on Amazon?

Nowadays, many customers can be acquired online. However, on large sales platforms such as Amazon, it is usually not easy for retailers to generate sufficient attention and differentiate their products from those of the competition.

Product videos on Amazon play a major role in this context, as they can be created professionally with little effort and budget.

Video content has the advantage that most users are interested in it. In general, a product video is often better received than long texts or a large number of images.

If users feel well informed by Amazon product videos, this will at best encourage them to make a purchase decision. This in turn increases the number of your customers, the conversion rate and ultimately also sales.

Tobias Dziuba

My name is Tobias and I am the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Adsmasters GmbH based in Düsseldorf.

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