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Amazon Freelancer for more success on Amazon

Increase your company's sales figures with a holistic approach on the Amazon marketplace.

From the identification of potential through to operational implementation, we help as Amazon Agency 30 Marketplace sellers a month to grow on Amazon!

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What Amazon services do we provide?


25 customers from 6 different countries & over 10,000 products that we manage on Amazon every month.


Amazon Sponsored Campaigns are part of every successful Amazon account, we have been optimizing, supporting and scaling Amazon advertising accounts since 2017.

Amazon SEO

From keyword research to style guides & search engine optimizations, we have been optimizing Amazon product listings since 2017 (over 10,000 listings to date).

No fixed contract terms

We do not have any fixed terms, but create an individual offer for each customer.

Agile way of working

We do not require long lead times, but complete projects quickly after successful communication.

Learning by doing

Due to the large number of customers we serve on a daily basis, we are always up to date.

Maybe not your first, but certainly your last Amazon agency

Tired of impersonal support without a direct contact person? We help our partners on a personal level and work with them on a long-term basis. 

+8 years eCommerce experience


+ 100 projects since 2017


> € 60 million in managed eCommerce turnover in 2021


> € 3 million in advertising expenditure in 2021


Typical process - from contact request to collaboration

1. Free initial consultation

The first step after contacting us is to arrange an initial consultation, which can be conducted either by telephone or video call. In this initial meeting, we will get to know each other and discuss your current situation. I (Tobias) will also introduce you to our services and experience. Of course, I will also answer questions about selling on Amazon, optimization options and Amazon Advertising. 

2. Amazon audit

After the initial consultation, we usually carry out an initial Amazon audit to determine the current situation of the seller/vendor account. Here we identify optimization strategies and define an action plan for the next steps to achieve the desired marketing goals.

3. Presentation of the Amazon strategy

Once we have created an Amazon strategy, we present it next and discuss any questions that arise in a personal meeting. Only if both sides agree with the strategy do we discuss the conditions and the course of a possible collaboration in the next step. 

4. Implementation of the Amazon strategy

Just a few days after the Amazon strategy is presented, we implement the strategy in the Amazon account. We pay attention to a clear structure of the Amazon advertising campaigns, including compliance with the Amazon style guides and detailed keyword research. 

5. optimization of Amazon PPC campaigns

After the Amazon PPC campaigns have collected the initial data, we set about optimizing the advertising campaigns on an ongoing basis. Here we pay attention to KPIs such as ROAS, TACoS, CPO, impression share, CTR and CPC. Long-term campaign success on Amazon can only be ensured by evaluating all of these key figures.

6. reporting & regular exchange

In addition to the campaign support, we create monthly reports and arrange monthly update calls to discuss the current situation and adjust the campaign strategy. Because only if both sides are informed can there be a successful and long-term collaboration.

What do our customers say about the collaboration?

I am delighted to be working with Tobias Dziuba.
He is absolutely competent and his know-how has allowed our turnover to grow strongly. His advertising campaigns are not only very well created, but also controlled. This means that the advertising budget is always checked for efficiency.
He is always available and always ready to help. That's how service should be.

Sascha WenzelManaging Director In & Out House GmbH

Modern Gourmet Foods hired Tobias in 2019 to help us grow our Amazon FBA business in Germany. In our first year working with him, he was able to help us increase our sales 7x. We continued to improve in 2020 and increased our sales by another 4x. Tobias was instrumental in this growth. He is extremely competent and knowledgeable about Amazon and is always on time with his deliverables. In addition, he is very easy to work with a pleasure to have as part of our team.

Jennifer WattsDirector of Ecommerce - Modern Gourmet Foods

We feel very well looked after, as the services are very specifically tailored to our products. In addition, Mr. Dziuba is very flexible and offers quick assistance with problems.
Mr. Dziuba is a competent partner who helps us to achieve our Amazon goals.

Akin AktasManaging Director EVIA Gmbh

Tobias has helped us launch our dedicated German site and has helped us quickly develop a presence and build our sales. He has been incredibly helpful as we learn to understand this new market.

Ben PethulliseCommerce Manager - Manuka Doctor

The collaboration with AdsMaster, Tobias Dziuba, was on an equal footing right from the start. Tobi knows his trade, is professional and reliable. He makes no empty promises and no exorbitant prices. After 1.5 years, I can only say: Thank you! And I'm looking forward to more exciting projects and years of working together.

Kay LinkFounder of Smilestore

We have been working with Tobias Dziuba for several years now. What we particularly appreciate is the friendly approach and the fact that he is available at any time of the day or night when we need support.

Stefan MädlFounder of Broken Head

Tobias did an excellent job setting up our Amazon Seller account. He created the Amazon interface to our store system, successfully set up the advertisements and took care of all our other Amazon-related concerns immediately. Thanks to Tobias, we sell all over Europe via Amazon and we are pleased that he will also support us with further internationalization and the upcoming distribution in the USA. Tobias is always reliable and the cooperation is uncomplicated and successful.

Melina KelterbornMarketing & Communication at Hytecon

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When is it worth working with an Amazon PPC freelancer?

Should every seller (Seller & Vendor) on Amazon work with an Amazon Freelancer? Absolutely not! As a rule, working with an Amazon PPC agency is only recommended for 10-20% of all active sellers & vendors.

What do I look out for as an Amazon freelancer before working with a customer?

As Amazon freelancers, we always pay attention to the following points before a possible collaboration with a customer: Checking the feasibility and goals of the account The first step is to check whether we can really help the potential customer. The answer here is regularly "no". We only work with clients who we can say with certainty that our work can have a significant impact. Conflicts of interest with similar products We generally avoid working with two clients with identical product portfolios. In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, we must therefore reject all inquiries that offer products that are currently already being sold by a client we support. Checking other factors influencing campaign performance Amazon PPC is just one of many levers for achieving sales success on Amazon. Questions about shipping logistics, product selection, product presentation and internationalization are questions that we regularly discuss and answer with our customers.

What does it cost to work with an Amazon freelancer?

The costs of an Amazon freelancer depend on the needs of the customer, which can vary completely. Factors influencing the costs include the size of the company, the objectives, the number of products to be advertised, the competitive situation and many other factors. For this reason, we cannot prepare standard offers without a prior consultation. Every customer receives an individual offer from us that is tailored to the customer's current situation.

What tasks does an Amazon freelancer take on?

As an Amazon freelancer, I take care of the placement of paid advertisements on Amazon. This involves displaying customers' products as effectively and efficiently as possible. Different customers have different objectives, which is why each customer requires a separate view to ensure that the desired objectives are achieved via PPC campaigns on Amazon. As the placement of advertisements is only one of many criteria for success, we also advise our customers on Amazon SEO and listing optimization.

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