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The problem is not a lack of appreciation of product reviews. The problem lies in the actual process of generating product reviews; in fact, only a minority of buyers take the trouble to write positive product reviews (as opposed to negative product reviews). This is especially hard on new sellers who are unable to generate reviews for their products, or are very slow to do so. Products without reviews will have lower conversion rates compared to products with reviews. And this ultimately leads to limited organic search results on the search results pages. The number of ratings also has a direct impact on paid advertising campaigns and their efficiency: the lower the conversion rate, the higher the cost per sale (AcoS).

Comment: In some customer examples, we were able to cut advertising costs by a third by generating positive product ratings.

Amazon Vendor Program participants have long had the ability to generate new product reviews by participating in Amazon Vine. The Amazon Vine Program therefore provides a competitive advantage for participants in the Vendor Program over those vendors who sell their products through the Seller Central. As of December 15, 2019, Marketplace merchants – with some requirements – now also have the opportunity to participate in the Amazon Vine Program and thus generate product ratings for their own products. What Amazon Vine is and how you can use Amazon Vine to give your products the push they need, you can find out in the following.

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is a program that allows reviewers selected by Amazon to rate products. Only the most trusted and helpful customers are invited to participate in this program. An application is therefore not possible. The reviewers receive free products from Amazon sellers who have registered for Amazon Vine. After receiving the products, the reviewers form an opinion about the products and then write product reviews. The sellers do not have any influence on the reviews nor any possibility to contact the reviewers. The shipping of the goods and communication with the reviewers is handled exclusively by Amazon.

Note: Reviewers are not required to write a product review. It may therefore happen that you do not receive a product review from every reviewer.

What requirements do I need to meet in order to use Amazon-Vine through sellers?

To participate in the Amazon-Vine program through sellers, you and your listing must meet the following requirements:

Products must belong to a brand that has successfully completed the Amazon Brand Registration

The product to be pushed through Amazon Vine must have less than 30 product reviews

Only „new“ products may be offered

Shipping must be done via Amazon FBA

Erotic articles are not permitted 

Only products where no additional product is necessary (e.g. offer a print cartridge, but the customer still needs the suitable printer)

Products must have images, titles, bullet points and a description

How can I start working with Amazon-Vine now?

To start with Amazon Vine, we select the menu item „Amazon Advertising“ in the Seller-Central and click on „Vine“ in the drop-down menu.

After we reached the Vine page, we first click on Register. Then the following page opens, where we now enter the ASIN of the respective product in order to be able to start the review process.

Once we have registered the product, the next step is to enter the total number of products available for Amazon Vine, here the maximum number is 30, then we just have to click on „Register“ at the bottom right and Amazon will accept the product. 

Frequently asked questions about Amazon Vine:

Can I have negative product reviews removed?

Amazon neither guarantees positive reviews nor that every reviewer writes a review. When receiving a negative product review, you should therefore write a comment as a statement below the product review in order to resolve possible misunderstandings.

How can I follow Amazon-Vine product reviews?

To do so, we click on Advertising -> Amazon Vine again and search for the respective SKU / ASIN in the Vine key figure monitor. In the tab „Vine Reviews“ we then get an overview of the current amount of Amazon Vine reviews.

Is there a deadline that tells me when I can expect the product reviews?

No, Amazon does not set a deadline for the reviewer. Amazon itself says that about 25% of reviewers write a review 5 days after ordering and 99% of reviewers 35 days after ordering.

Do customers see that these are Amazon-Vine reviews?

Product reviews that have been generated via Amazon-Vine receive the addition.

What does closed registration mean?

A product registration is shown as closed when all possible product reviews have been received, or if the registration is more than 90 days in the past.

What does pending review mean? 

This is displayed for registrations that have not yet received any reviews.

What does review in process mean?

This is displayed when the first reviews have been published.

What does „Action required“ mean?

Action required is displayed when registrations are blocked. In this case either the product data must be revised or additional stock must be sent to Amazon.

When can Amazon Vine reviewers request my product?

Generally, Amazon Vine reviewers can order the offered products 24 hours after registration is complete.

What effect will Amazon Vine have?

Amazon Vine finally gives merchants a way to proactively receive product reviews without violating the Amazon Terms of Services. In the following, the numerous rating platforms should also rethink their business model.


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